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We were here for women before Roe v. Wade and we plan to be here long after.

For over 50 years, FPA Women’s Health has been California’s leading provider of safe and effective family planning and abortion services. Abortion is legal in California and this state will continue to be a safe haven for women from all backgrounds who need our services. Whether you live around the corner or are traveling from a restricted state, we take great pride in providing safe abortion care to ALL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Out-Of-State Patients

Her Smart Choice welcomes out-of-state patients seeking medical abortions.

We believe in providing equal access to abortions for all women.

A destination abortion is currently one crucial way for women to access the healthcare they
need. We at Her Smart Choice want to extend our hospitality to women from all walks of life
while acknowledging the need for equitable abortion access across the nation.

What do you offer?

We provide safe, confidential abortion services to all clients, local or otherwise, and every procedure is performed by knowledgeable medical professionals in a hygienic environment.

Is it legal?

Abortion is legal in the state of California and it’s legal for anyone who visits California to get an abortion. There is no waiting period or proof of residency requirement.

What do I bring?

Please, bring your ID however, it is not required for your visit. Parental permission is also not necessary to receive services.abortion. There is no waiting period or proof of residency requirement.

Where do I go?

We have six locations throughout Southern California. Our Long Beach clinic is the location nearest LAX while the Van Nuys clinic is conveniently close to Bob Hope Airport. Please visit our location lading pages to learn more about each location.

Do I have to make an appointment online?

We offer online appointments as well as 24/7 call answering. All Her Smart Choice locations also offer walk-in service and same-day appointments.

Any other questions?

Feel free to call the number at the top of the page to speak with a staff member. We’re happy to answer your questions to give you the peace of mind you deserve.
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