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Free Abortion pill to low income patients without insurance


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HerCare Abortion
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What is a Pap Test?

A Pap test is a test that requires a sample of cells taken from a woman’s vagina or cervix. The test is used to look for changes in the cells of the cervix and vagina that might show cancer cells or cells that are developing into cancer. It is known to be the best tool to detect precancerous conditions and small, hidden tumors that may lead to cervical cancer. Cancer can be cured if it’s detected early.

Pap screen testing should begin at age 21. Routine screening is recommended every three years for women 21-65 years old and for women between 30 to 65 years old who have a normal Pap test with a negative HPV test.


How Is a Pap Test Performed?

The Pap test is done during a pelvic exam. First, a doctor uses a speculum to widen the opening of the vagina so that the cervix and vagina can be examined. Next, a small brush and a plastic spatula are used to collect cells from the cervix. After the cells are extracted, they are placed into a solution and are sent to a lab for testing.


Is the Pap Test Painful?

A Pap test is a little uncomfortable, but it’s not painful.


When Will I Know the Results of the Pap Test?

It may take several weeks to get the test results. If you haven’t heard from your doctor’s office after three weeks, give them a call to see if your results have come back.


What Do the Results of a Pap Test Mean?

When a Pap test is normal, it means the cells from the cervix look normal, and an abnormal Pap test means the cells do not look normal and need attention. Sometimes Pap tests must be repeated, and sometimes different tests might be needed, such as a colposcopy, which is done by using a special microscope to examine the vagina and cervix. Pap tests can occasionally show signs of infection but cannot be relied on to screen for STDs or sexually transmitted diseases. Other tests might be necessary to determine the presence of an STD. You can do several things to help make the Pap test as accurate as possible, including avoiding sex, vaginal creams, and douching for 48 hours before the test.


What Happens If the Results Are Abnormal?

An abnormal Pap test does not necessarily mean that cancer cells were detected during the examination. There are many reasons for abnormal Pap test results, including inflammation related to using a diaphragm or sex, changes related to your menstrual cycle, and infection. Here at HerCare our doctors will evaluate the results to determine if further testing is necessary or not.


Why Would I Need to Repeat the Pap Test?

A repeat Pap test might be necessary if not enough cells were collected during the test. The decrease in levels of the female hormone estrogen also can influence the test results; a woman may need to take estrogen before they repeat the test if she is menopausal. This is called unsatisfactory for evaluation and is not an abnormal result.

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Free Abortion pill to low income patients without insurance


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Free Abortion pill to low income patients without insurance


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